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Tips to Volunteer Abroad Free

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AIAV’s Fundraising Guide

Optimizing Crowd-funding Write-ups

Step 1:  Why?  Tell your reader what your motivation is to volunteer abroad.

Step 2:  What?  Tell your reader what you are going to do while being abroad, and how you are going to be of service to your host community.

Step 3:  How?  Tell your reader how this journey is going to contribute to your personal development.

Step 4:  Money.  Tell your reader what the donation you requested is for.

Step 5:  Ask a couple of people to proof read your write-up.

Step 6:  Target 10 people who are most close to you at first.

Step 7:  Send out a mass email/text message to everyone in your contacts.  Don’t send only to people whom you think have money.  Send to all, as others might share your story to help spread the word.

Step 8:  Blog about your fundraising experience, so people can follow how it is going.

Step 9:  Reach out to local media.  Newspapers or a radio station love stories like this.

Step 10:  Follow up.  Re-engage your readers through followup emails, text messages, phone calls.  Re-post on social media periodically.


How to Reach Your Donors

– Write to your audience assuming they know nothing about volunteering abroad.

– Share, share, share!  Share through any means possible that you can think of.

– When you send out your mass email/text message to all of your contacts, in the end of the email/text message, ask them to share your story on their social media pages.  Ask them to re-post when you follow up with them.

– Once you’ve reached a plateau, ask a few people why they haven’t donated to see if it’s something simple like adding some information to your write-up.

– Tag your most influential contacts, so your post will not get lost on their social media pages.

– Post at least 3 times a week at different times.

– Post with a relevant picture to attract more attention.

– Birthdays & Holidays = ask for money instead of gifts.

– Thank everyone publically for their donations, as well as aid in sharing your story, or even just emotional support.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″ heading_style=””][vc_column_text]Key Steps
– Why?  What?  How?

– Share in every possible way.

– Follow up.





Tip Highlights
– Share, share, share!

– Re-post

– Tag influential people

– Ask for $ on special events

– Blog

– Give thanks![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]