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Great Volunteering Opportunities in Sri Lanka

[vc_row parallax=”false” parallax_clr=”no-layer” top_margin=”1″ bottom_margin=”1″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Anyone can be great at volunteering at home or abroad by doing little things that make a huge difference in others’ lives. Join AIAV in Sri Lanka as a global citizen with an opportunity to share your professional / non-professional skills or experiences to make a valuable contribution into supporting under-resourced healthcare, education or caregiving facilities in Galle or Badulla districts. Read more at https://www.arminarmvolunteers.org/sri-lanka/

Also, stay tuned to the new and exciting turtle conservation program that’s to be added soon!

Our unparalleled support and quality volunteering programs would give you the peace of mind as you make your contribution inspiring people and communities both short-term or long-term. You would as well experience Sri Lanka like never before. You would get to live with locals and dip yourself into their culture, enjoy tasty homemade local cuisine and get help to tour the country safely and at a low cost.

students goofing around in Sri Lanka

Whether it is diverse cultures that you would like to experience, or an elephant orphanage, pigeon island, amazing wildlife, and historic ancient temples that you would want see during your free time, or gorgeous beaches and the world’s finest teas that you would want to enjoy while you are helping, then Sri Lanka will have you covered.

Apply well in advance your travel date at https://www.arminarmvolunteers.org/registration-process/ to allow enough time to take advantage of our free online fundraising platform to launch a campaign to receive donations from friends, family, or well wishers to help you offset some of your traveling costs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]