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Social Justice through Volunteering Abroad for Students

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AIAV could not resist an invitation by a student representative, Theshantha, of Richmond Green Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Ontario to participate in a program dubbed Social Justice Fair. Theshantha, who got to know us from his mother about the impact of our international volunteering activities in Sri Lanka, was instrumental in helping making sure the student body was well educated on the fair’s topic and learned about the role each individual could play in their own communities and in the world at large to help embrace a fair, safe, and equal world for everyone.

Narcisz, AIAV’s executive director, took a personal interest in this program as advocating for youth empowerment/education in Canada and around the world is one of AIAV’s core aims. She organized all logistics, and put in place an effective plan ensuring AIAV was well represented at the fair. She worked side by side with Theshantha throughout the fair as she realized that the fair was part of his World Studies class work and, thus, wanted to give him plenty of opportunities to practice his leadership skills.

RGSS members, like many Canadians and others in the world, had an amazing response to and great interest in joining the global community to fight against social injustice through volunteer travel. What surprised the student body though was how affordable AIAV’s programs are and the amount of support we provide, including online fundraising help, reference letters, etc. in comparison with other international volunteer placement organizations.

At the end of the hour, people who spent a few minutes talking to us about world issues and about our ethical volunteering programs in Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Uganda had the chance to win one of AIAV’s T-shirts in the spirit of Christmas in a draw.

A great big thanks goes out to Richmond Green Secondary School for being such welcoming and open-minded hosts, and for caring about the world. To Theshantha, we greatly appreciate your invitation and effort! Until next year, RGSS![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]