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November Program Update in Kenya

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Author: Fanuel Ayumba (AIAV’s in-country coordinator in Kenya)         Date: December 5, 2014


General update


This month we had to say goodbye to two volunteers: Peter and Nina. We welcomed Claire, who is working at the local community center for 5 weeks in capacity building on enterprise development with the local community. We thank the volunteers for their esteemed service in making our local communities better by sharing skills and knowledge whole heartedly. We do wish Peter and Nina all the best in their new endeavours as global advocates for positive change.

youth empowerment in Kenya


Youth empowerment project


During the month we were able to strengthen our youth empowerment program by recruiting over 20 youth groups that will start undergoing skill based training in the beginning of 2015. This project is aimed at benefiting over 5,000 young people with skills that will enhance their active participation in community service.


Women empowerment


We realize that girls and women face numerous challenges, including impediments to education, employment, and social inclusion. These problems stem from pervasive gender inequality, undercutting the self-worth of girls and women, and impeding the achievement of more widespread progress and prosperity. During our board meeting that was held in the month it was agreed that we strengthen the program and, at the same time, initiate a process of establishing an enterprise fund from which women groups from local communities can access funds for business start-up or expansions and also extend the skill based training to women groups. During the month we also did manage, with the assistance of the volunteers, to visit several schools to talk to girls on life skills issues.


Care giving project


During the month a lot of effort of our volunteers was put into working in a number of children homes in Nairobi and the Coastal Kenya regions. Volunteers provided love, academic development, sports, and mentorship. They were role models and, at the same time, listened to the experience the children have had at their tender age.




November saw the closing of the schools in Kenya for the December holidays. All our volunteers who were placed in these projects were placed in other ongoing projects where they continue serving to enhance the delivery of development services.


Laying the foundation for a community resource centre


We managed to work together with one of the community projects to start the process of coming up with a resource centre by laying the foundation of the centre. We do believe that in the coming months we shall be able to raise enough resources to assist the community project to finish up the construction of the centre that will be beneficial to the local community.


Experiencing local community life


Our community projects are aimed at enhancing development in the community through service delivery by both the volunteer and the community members and, at the same time, give the volunteer a practical opportunity to be immersed in the community life and have a practical experience of the community’s way of doing things.


Enhancing the development of kids through games


In each community we serve, we continuously give our kids an opportunity to grow through educative extracurricular activities like sports.


Anti Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM) Campaigns


FGM is practiced in many countries in Africa and Asia as a deeply rooted social and cultural requirement for girls before marriage. Supporters of the practice rely on religion and tradition to defend their belief – yet it has significant public health and ethical problems as it violates essential principles of medical ethics and human rights. The practice provides no direct benefit to girls on whom it is performed, yet inflicts harm on little girls as young as age 2, performed without consent.

In the month of November we partnered with 2 community based organizations in Oloitoktok in Kajiado County, the famous home for the Maasai community to promote the anti FGM campaigns within the community, at the same time encouraging alternative rites of passage that will equip the young girls with skills that will eventually better their livelihood. During these campaigns we also had sessions to inform the communities on the importance of female child education in the development process of the community.


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