Terms and Conditions

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AIAV Service

AIAV is a Canada-based international non-profit volunteer placement organization that offers meaningful, safe, and responsible volunteer placements in developing countries. These placements provide volunteer services for a number of carefully selected projects in such fields as education, caregiving, medical placements, and sports, etc. for students, professionals, groups, and families.

Registration and Project Fees

AIAV requires all volunteers to register online and pay a stipulated registration fee, sum as per the website. This registration fee is valid until the completion of the project.

The project fee, sum as per the website, is paid directly to our partner organizations at least 30 days before the start of the project.

Fee Changes

Fee change notifications will be posted in AIAV’s Newsletter 2 weeks prior to the change of prices. Volunteers who have already registered will not be affected by the change.

Cancellation Policy

AIAV will refund 50% of the registration fee if you decide to cancel the registration within 30 days after registering. There is 0% refund after the 30 days expire.

Project fees are never refundable because once you pay the fee, your money is put to use to make arrangements for your welcoming.

Cancellation is only accepted in a written and signed format. Cancellation over the phone is not accepted.

Volunteer Termination

AIAV’s partner organizations reserve the right to expel any volunteer whose actions or conduct are considered grossly inappropriate or dangerous.

AIAV Liability

To the best knowledge of AIAV, our partner organizations are well trained and are very knowledgeable about project implementation. You agree that AIAV is not liable for any mistakes, actions, or omissions of any partner organization.

AIAV cannot be held responsible for accidents, illnesses, injuries, loss of personal items, hostage situations, or death.


AIAV collects personal information from volunteers such as name, e-mail, home or work address, and phone numbers, etc. This information is kept confidential and is solely for administrating and appraising your application and volunteer placement. AIAV reserves the right to ask for additional information.

No credit card information is stored on our server at any time. All transactions go through a secured card payment system that is fully compliant with all legislations of Canada.

Travel Arrangements

Volunteers are solely responsible for their visas, airfares, vaccinations, and insurance.


AIAV reserves the right to use any testimonies, photos, videos, quotes, etc. that are considered appropriate for the AIAV website and AIAV social networking pages.

The AIAV website contains web links to third party sites. AIAV is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, which may differ from AIAV practices. We encourage you to take the time to review and understand the practices of these websites before providing any information to them.

Force Majeure

AIAV shall not be liable for delay in the performance of AIAV and its partner organizations due to circumstances beyond their control, including, but not limited to, natural occurrences, war, strikes, embargoes, and government orders, etc.

Governing Law

AIAV terms and conditions are governed by the supreme laws of Canada.