Registration Process

Stage 1:


• Fill out the Online Registration Form and receive confirmation of the submission of your application. There’s no payment required.

• In collaboration with our in-country team, we will review your application and let you know your proposed placement’s availability within 48 hours.

• In order to proceed with your application, make the registration fee payment of  US $165 to confirm your spot and receive an email confirmation of the receipt of your payment. To make the payment, click on Login in the menu and click on Register below the Login form. At the same time as making a payment, you will then create your membership to our fabulous membership site, where you’ll have access to fundraising and blogging tools.


Stage 2:


• We will then provide you with a comprehensive Pre-Departure Information booklet and a volunteer verification lettre, as well as answer to any questions or concerns you may have, preparing you for your journey.

• We will also link you up with your in-country coordinator, who will be there to answer any further questions you may have.

• Pay the project fee (see Fees page for amount) directly to the in-country team during your orientation.


♦ You will have constant support from AIAV and the in-country team throughout your journey.