AIAV’s Fundraising Platform

AIAV created a free crowd-funding platform for its volunteers to reduce their financial burden to be able to go and help abroad. In fact, we don’t take any percentage of your raised funds. Our only role in your fundraising adventure is offering you support to set things up properly. This easy-to-use program helps you create a campaign that can be shared through various social media, thereby letting friends, family and the world know about your course to gain support.


Click on the picture below to see our Sample Crowd-funding Profile.

How it works


Step 1


Sign up for one of our programs to have access to our membership site.


Step 2


Follow our guidelines to create your Fundraising Profile in a few easy steps.


Step 3


Share your crowd-funding profile through any of our sharing options: Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest.


Step 4


Receive donations.


Step 5


Enjoy volunteering abroad!