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Volunteer Trip to Pokhara, Nepal

Author: Brendon Brown

My name is Brendon Brown, I am a freshman attending Central Washington University in Washington State. Beginning July 1st 2015, I will be beginning a four-week stay in the Pokhara Valley region of Nepal. There, I will be participating in a “Community Development Program” run through Arm in Arm Volunteers, an organization run out of Ontario, Canada. My duties will likely include working on the construction of a school, and assisting with establishing sustainable farming practices in the region. With a trip of this length, at such a great distance from my home, there are bound to be expenses. My goal is to be able to cover my airline ticket, approximately $1,700.00, as well as my program fees, $695.00, by the end of January. After extensive research, I have found the cheapest possible arrangements for my travel, but I still fear that I will fall short on my own means, as I am already experiencing the strain of tuition and textbook fees in college. Combating poverty, illiteracy, and hunger in developing countries is not an effort that can be undertaken solely by individuals, or even by organizations. Making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate is a cause that must be championed globally. To anyone with an inclination and the means to make a positive impact for these people, I ask that you please consider donating what you can, when you can on behalf of humanity as a whole.