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Aid sustainable projects abroad thrive.

Enjoy yummy local cuisines!

Immerse in cultures & make new friends.

Explore your host country in your free time.

Ethical Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer in Ghana with Arm-In-Arm Volunteers (AIAV). AIAV is a Canada-based international non-profit organization that responsibly and at a very low cost links individuals or groups to sustainable projects abroad. As you volunteer through us, you could offer your assistance, gain experience, fully immerse yourself in local cultures, and explore amazing things that these countries have to offer.

You may choose to participate in healthcare, orphanage work, teaching, sports for social change, community development, physical/mental disability programs or a customized program to meet your particular interest, experience or qualification. Our flexible short-term or long-term volunteer abroad opportunities are suitable for students, professionals, seniors, missionaries, carrier breakers/changers or gap year takers who are interested in international experiential learning, cross-cultural experience, social justice or volunteer vacation.


How we work with you through your volunteering process:

Phase 1

• Register with us (check Registration Process).
• Receive a comprehensive pre-departure information booklet with all the steps you need to take to get to your destination country and all that you need to know about the place before getting there.
• Get in touch with the in-country coordinator.
• Get a passport and a visa.
• Get vaccinated.
• Get medical/travel insurance.
• Book your flight.
• Pay the program fee directly to the in-country coordinator.
• Pack your things (checklist provided) and go!

Phase 2

• Get a ride from the airport to the orientation site.
• Attend an orientation.
• Be introduced to your project and host family.
• Work.
• Experience culture shock.
• Have fun/travel around seeing sights.
• Meet lots of like-minded people, both locals and other international volunteers.
• Receive 24/7 support from the in-country team and us.
• Give feedback to the in-country team.
• Receive a certificate of volunteering.
• Get a ride back to the airport and return home.

Phase 3

• Experience re-entry shock.
• Share your story of being a volunteer abroad with friends, family, and coworkers.
• Give feedback to us.
• Receive a reference letter from us.
• Stay in touch with your project and the people you met in your destination country.
• Being part of the AIAV family, you can use our free online fundraising platform to raise funds to support your project.